Why you should have a multilingual website?

Why you should have a multilingual website?

The internet continues to grow and has become the default point of call for businesses and individuals searching for goods, services or information.

For businesses wishing to get that competitive advantage, a multilingual website now presents one of the highest impact means of expanding a client base and securing greater sales volumes.

The multilingual website will continue to become a necessity for businesses and organizations as the process of internationalization unfolds.

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Here are 5 good reasons why you need a translated website today rather than later:

1.- New Customers

A multilingual website brings you are new customers. By having your site accessible to potentially thousands of people you are showcasing your company across the globe. For non-Spanish speaking users looking for your product or service, you automatically capture their attention.

2.- Sales

With every language added to a website, there is the potential for an increase of between 100% in sales. Even if a multilingual website is translated into a few of the major world languages, i.e. Spanish, French, German and Italian, there is potentially a 400% increase in sales. There are few other ways to get such an increase for such little investment.

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3.- Culturally Sensitive

A multilingual website, if designed properly, overcomes potential cultural barriers through allowing access in a native language. This automatically puts the user in a ‘cultural comfort zone’ due to their being able to navigate, understand and interact with the website.

4.- Shows International Nature

Image is everything. A multilingual website demonstrates you think, work and deal internationally.

5.- Customer-Centric

A multilingual website demonstrates you are thinking about the customer. That little extra effort shows you have thought and cared enough about them to offer the website in their language. As with anything in business, if the customer thinks you care, they will want to do business with you.

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